Fuel and Oil Delivery Options in Kingston

Fuel and oil delivery in Kingston


1. Automatic

Once a history or pattern of delivery is established (usually 3 deliveries) we assign a degree day rating to your home.  This degree day rate will vary depending on the size of the building requiring heat, insulation, efficiency of the furnace and the customer's warmth requirements.  Once this degree day is established your Kingston fuel and oil delivery ticket will be produced every time your degree day span comes up.  We monitor the accumulation of degree days on a daily basis right from our Kingston office.  The only time you need to contact us is if your oil heating requirements change (for example, a new baby arrives, burning more or less wood, etc).  Automatic delivery takes the worry out of oil heating.


2. Manual

If your heating requirements are irregular you may wish to "call in" for your fuel deliveries.  To ensure that we can get the Kingston fuel and oil delivery to your location on time, please give us 24-48 hours notice.  If you "call in" for a fuel delivery after hours or on weekends, a service charge will be added to your delivery.


3. Fixed

If your heating requirements are irregular but you would like us to schedule your deliveries, perhaps we can arrange a fixed number of days between deliveries.


Call us at 613-546-4242 and arrange your next fuel and oil delivery in Kingston today!



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